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Sheikh Saad Al-Abdallah Al-Sabah Indoor Sports Halls Back to Ongoing Projects

This project for the Public Authority of Youth & Sports is the first largest indoor sports hall in Kuwait. Built in the outskirts of Sabah Al-Salem Area, the indoor sports hall is a state-of-the-art showpiece for safe, fun and prestigious athletic activities.

Sabah Al-Salem Area is known for its very fertile grounds, which created an unforeseen site condition challenge for building the foundation for the sports hall as KBH had to deal with a water-base. The project team went through phases of dewatering the foundation and multiple check-points until they were confident the ground was solid. Once the construction began, KBH faced another challenge; the sports halls were considered a flat project, which meant more manpower, and techniques were required. However, the issue was overcome by effective and efficient project planning.

The project is currently in its middle-phase, with the main foundation and structure in place. The main hall which is for basketball and volleyball is a 4624 m2 consisting of a basement, ground floor and five floors has two superstructures: 1) an upper part containing the seating for spectators; and 2) a lower part containing offices, visitors’ facilities, restaurant, dewaniya, dressing rooms for teams and officials, a gymnasium, a clinic, prayer rooms, a media center and a library. The hall also incorporates a hotel of 905 m2 consisting of 40 double-bed rooms and 14 suites for international players.

Both the Basketball and Volleyball Halls are a 1916 m2 hall consisting of a basement, ground floor, and three floors with a maximum capacity of 1840 people and a parking lot of 1919 m2. Both halls are equipped with 6 commentators rooms, 2 broadcast studios, VIPs Diwaniya, multipurpose hall, cutting-edge Score Boards, advertisements boards and 240 telescopic spectators seats. Furthermore, the floors in the halls are designed in such a way they are moveable according to the needs of the game.

This project is due in 2013 – a 30-months project worth KD 15,766 million and a total area of 19,085 m2.